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Sports Guard

Happy Beautiful Fall Tuesday, ” Sports guard? eh? At this time and age with all the progress of human knowledge and technology, we can play safer. Wow, that is great. Is not it? And we as dental professionals can help. With sports guards, the injuries to our mouth and teeth during games, hockey, basketball, etc.… can be reduced immensely. It protects not just our teeth but gums, jaws and cheeks as well. Sports guards also protect against hitting forces of teeth to teeth contact which reduces head trauma and concussions. We can make you a properly fitted mouth guard. First we take an impression of your teeth and in the lab we make a stone model of them. And on that stone model we make you a plastic custom mouth guard with your favorite color or as close to your favorite color as possible! Then you can play fashionably and with piece of mind. Have one custom made for your mouth today by contacting our office. I hope this helps.” To be continued…

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