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Over 90 million people struggle with chronic bad breath!

For most, it is caused by high levels of bacteria in the mouth, that form colonies under the gum line, between the teeth, and between the taste buds on the tongue. They produce sulfur gases, the same as from rotten eggs, resulting in foul-smelling breath. Chewing gum, mints, or typical mouthwashes may only mask it temporarily.
The bacteria that cause bad breath also do damage to the gums and jawbone, which is known as gum disease. To properly eliminate bad breath, we must evaluate for any signs of gum disease, Bad breath can also stem from other general health situations: internal infections, diabetes, kidney failure, liver malfunction, and dry mouth caused by aging, medications, mouth breathing or chemotherapy. Regardless of the cause, bad breath is treatable! By meticulous oral hygiene and thorough dental cleaning. The first step would be to call the office for an evaluation; from there we can help you have fresh breath.
Louis Hay in her book, You can heal your life, writes about bad breath: ” Probable cause: Anger and revenge thoughts. Experiences backing up. Affirmation: I release the past with love. I choose to voice only love.”
I like her version too.

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