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Mouth Guard

A mouthguard or nightguard acts as a cushion and it absorbs forces we put on our teeth.

During clenching or grinding we insert ten times the force than chewing food, so it is too much force and it can cause tooth fracture, tooth wear, and pain. Grinding or clenching can cause headaches, shoulder aches, and neck aches.

We do not know for sure why we grind or clench, it is safe to say that stress is one of the reasons for it as it is the source of 70% of all diseases. Clenching is the body’s means to fight stress because it causes the release of cortisol ( the stress hormone) and lactic acid. According to Dr. Freedman: ” Excess cortisol can decrease strength, endurance, and performance. The many effects of stress-related cortisol on the human body include: migraines, sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, hypertension, depression, decreased metabolism, and a weakening of the immune system.” Wearing a mouth guard keeps our teeth apart and interrupts the clenching cycle. And at the best, it might take the joy of grinding away from our subconscious, hopefully!

Sports Guard

A sports guard, eh? At this time and age with all the progress of human knowledge and technology, we can play safer. Wow, that is great. Is not it? And we as dental professionals can help. With sports guards, the injuries to our mouth and teeth during games, hockey, basketball, etc… can be reduced immensely. It protects not just our teeth but gums, jaws, and cheeks as well. Sports guards also protect against hitting forces of teeth-to teeth contact which reduces head trauma and concussions.

We can make you a properly fitted mouthguard. First, we take an impression of your teeth and in the lab, we make a stone model of them. And on that stone model, we make you a plastic custom mouthguard with your favorite color or as close to your favorite color as possible!
Then you can play fashionably and with peace of mind. Have one custom-made for your mouth today by contacting our office.

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