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" I do not want to be here! It is not you!"

This is what we as dentists hear all the time. Today I want to write about it.

Most of the things we do for staying healthy and taking care of ourselves involve investments of time, money and sometimes they cause discomfort!

Even going to the gym, visiting our doctors, going through all sorts of physical examinations, going to our beauticians, massage therapists, physiotherapist and ... require commitment and may involve some degree of discomfort but they contribute to our overall well-being.

There is a long-term costs of neglecting dental health, both in terms of financial expenses for more extensive treatments and the discomfort or pain that may arise from untreated dental issues.

When we know better, we do better. So staying on top of our oral health by regular visits to our dentist and know what is going on with our oral health will help us to do better, to live longer and happier as oral health has a direct and indirect effect on our health as I have discussed them on my previous writings.

Do work on your health and we are here to help.

Happy Tuesday and to be continued...

Dr. Khoshand

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