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Soft drinks and dental decay


We all know about the effect of soft drinks on our health and the fact that cutting back on them can decrease potential risks of dying from strokes by 8% and heart disease by 5% (this is according to Dr. Nigel Carter), as well as lowering of our blood pressure. Now, how does drinking pops or juices effects our teeth? Every time we drink, little bit of our teeth resorbs and when we stop they rebuild themselves up with the help of minerals in our saliva. But they need 3-4 hr. for this rebuilding, hence sipping on drinks results on resorption and eventually decay of our teeth. Now the Best thing to do is to cut them off our diet completely and replace them with good old water. If we have to have drinks,it is best to have them with our meals. Since we have more saliva to neutralize their effect during eating. The next best thing to do is to finish them in one setting rather than sip,sip, sipping on them. And constantly exposing our teeth to their harmful effect. Rinsing our mouth with lots of water after finishing them is pretty helpful to our teeth. Even cleaning our teeth with our tongues after drinking or eating is better than doing nothing. I hope you find this helpful. To be continued…

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