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Sleep apnea


Did you know that sleep Apnea is a risk factor for heart disease? And people with sleep Apnea are more at risk of developing cancer due to lack of oxygen?

It is, because during apnea, there is a cessation of breath for 10 seconds or more. Reduced oxygen flow causes heart to work harder hence heart disease. It can also contribute to tiredness during the day since brain is waking up ( not you just your brain) every 10 seconds to open the airway hence snoring.

The diagnosis of it can be made by sleep or E.N.T specialists. To treat it there are three different options:

1- Oral appliances 2- Continuous Positive Ari Pressure 3- Surgical intervention

The treatment starts with just asking a question be it from your doctor or your dentist. We are here to help.

To Be Continued!

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