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Happy Mental Health Awareness Month

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

We are at the end tale of the Mental Health Awareness month. I want to emphasis the importance of the mental health by writing about it here as well. If we have broken hand or leg, we seek treatment right away but if we have broken spirit, we just ignore it. So many of physical problems stem from the psychological ones. Many moons ago ,I read a book by Dr. Gabor Mate titled: When the BODY SAYS NO. In there, Dr. Mate talks about this issue with beautiful examples, I never forget one of them, and in depth. I highly recommend reading it. He has great videos on Youtube as well. With the " New age", there are many helps out there. It is not like few centuries ago when they were burning people on sticks if they talked about the health of the spirit. There are books, workshops, seminars, videos helping us to mend our broken souls, easily.

As comes to my field of work, I have seen more broken teeth than during my past 22 years of working as a dentist. Grinding and clenching are two reasons due to being stressed. And people avoiding dentists for the fear of Corona is another. Please do take care of yourselves inside and out.

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month,

Dr. Khoshand

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