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Is there such a thing as too clean?


I remember my older sister always believed little bit of dirt is good for our children. Today I came across an article in Oral Health Journal of September 2011 written by Dr. John Hardie, asking the question:

” Can we be too clean for our own good?”

and the answer in one word as I understood it is YES.

In this article, Dr. Hardie writes:

” The underlying tenets of hygiene hypothesis are that our clean modern lifestyle combined with a lack of early childhood exposure to dirt, bacteria and other pathogens interferes with and weakens the development of the immune system resulting in increased susceptibility to allergies and asthma…To explain this association, Bufford in 2005 proposed that the developing immune system requires stimulation from numerous infectious sources such a bacteria, viruses and parasites for the proper development of the entire T helper cell regulatory mechanism. If this does not occur TH-1 and TH-2 responses are repressed and autoimmune diseases and allergic responses are more likely to occur.”

It gives the solution that:

“…a return to cleaning surfaces with plain soap and water and using evaporating alcohol based wipes will create not only a clean but a much healthier working environment.”

There you have it.

Have a great last day of Summer!

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