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Canker Sores and Cold Sores


Have you got a sore in your mouth or around your lips? We all have got it at some time or another and it is very painful and ugly looking, isn’t it?

Canker sores appear inside our mouth. They are shallow ulcers and the source of them is unknown. It can be stress related or caused by fatigue, vitamin deficiency and myriad of other reasons. Most of the time they clear by themselves and no treatment is required. But salt water rinse can help. If too painful, over the counter topical cream can be applied to the area. Sometimes we prescribe oral steroid drugs in sever cases but the side effect overrides the benefit of it.

Cold sores are very painful blisters that we get around our lips. They are caused by virus and are contagious. It can be brought up by stress, cold or irritants. My mother’s remedy for it was: as soon as you feel the tingling on your lip, touch the area with table spoon, for some reason unknown to me it helps ( Maybe viruses don’t like the cold)!! There are medicine as well.

They normally resolve after 2 weeks but if they persist call us.

I hope this helps.

To be continued….

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