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Teeth Erosion

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

What is teeth erosion?

It is a teeth wear where chemicals erode our teeth structure away. It is caused by acid attack ( food, environmental, drugs or sicknesses such as bulimia or stomach acid reflux ). Acid washes away the enamel and eventually the dentin. This is different from decays caused by bacteria.

Foods such as soft drinks, citrus fruits, vinegar and wine can erode the structure of our teeth and cause sensitivity and if go unchecked can cause nerve damage on our teeth.

Environmental: If we are working in a places where we are exposed to acid attack on our teeth such as ammunition factories, battery factories, wine tasting or professional swimmers.

Drugs: Such as aspirin, iron tablets and vitamin C .

And sicknesses such as stomach acid reflux or bulimia where the acid in the mouth erodes back of our teeth.

How to fix it: See your dentist to get help.

Have a great day.

Dr. Khoshand

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