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Mouth and Alzheimer


Summer is back to Ajax again. Today is supposed to be 32 degree. I am inside with air conditioner and it feels like 22 degree!!

Last Thursday, when I was in Rotary club lunch meeting, one of my patients and an old Rotarian was kind and concern enough to give me a cut out of a newspaper titled

” Gum disease bacteria may be linked to Alzheimer’s”.

It was so interesting that I would like to share it with you. In it, it says:

” Sign’s of the bacterium, known as Porphyromonas gigivalis, were found in four out of 10 samples of brain tissue from Alzheimer’s patients, while no signs of the bug were found in 10 brains from people of similar age who never developed dementia, according to the results in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Hence an ever increasing more reasons to keep flossing, brushing and regular dental visits and cleaning.

I hope this helps.

To be continued…

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